Imagine Feeling Peaceful And In-Tune With Your Body + Soul

I work with women, one on one and in small groups, to help them find their inner wisdom around TOTAL nourishment. Food is most definitely an essential component to your wellbeing – but it is just one piece of your unique puzzle. Total nourishment is about getting clear on what makes you feel vibrant, joyful, and grounded. My lived and learned experience is that nourishment comes in many forms including healthy eating, rest, movement, mindfulness and a nurturing environment.

Together we uncover what works for you - we co-create your soul’s prescription.

I work with you to uncover all the pieces by starting where you are, not where you THINK you should be. Yes, we start with nutrition and the symptoms that your body is giving you. From there, we can dive into the lifestyle choices, behaviors and beliefs that are contributing to those symptoms.

My work combines all that I have learned – and continue learning – about the science of nutrition, creating nurturing practices and spaces and listening to my clients. Yes, I am a dietitian and designer by trade, but I prefer to think of myself as a modern-day medicine woman and transformational guide. 

If you are ready to explore all the ways in which you can be fully nourished, in order to live a vibrant and joyful life, then let’s get started! I’d love to be your guide!


Individual Nourishment + Wellness Coaching

One-on-one nourishment and wellness coaching means you and I talk about your needs and challenges. Using holistic mind-body techniques and nutrition principles, we develop a plan that is specific to your health, wellness, and nourishment goals. Available in-person or via secure tele-health options.

Ideal if you are seeking guidance with any of the following:

  • body image / emotional eating issues

  • digestive issues / suspected food sensitivities

  • food as medicine / healthy eating for chronic conditions

  • preventative care / eating for health & vitality

Nourish Home Visits

Invite me into your kitchen to get hands-on guidance in transforming your environment into one that supports your health and wellness journey. Available in-person or via secure tele-health options.

Ideal if you are seeking guidance with any of the following:

  • Busy families interested in creating healthy eating meals

  • Novice cooks seeking hands-on cooking lessons

  • Experienced cooks seeking assistance with meal make-overs

  • Kitchen Reboot (pantry / fridge / or total design makeover) in support of your health + wellness goals


Nourish Summer Dinner.jpg

Nourish Events + Workshops

Visit the Events page for more information about local or online events. Or Contact Me if you would like to create a custom event or have me speak at your next gathering. 


"Elsa, you are so very special—your guidance in helping me restructure my diet and relationship with food has been truly life changing. And you’re an amazing chef! I'm looking forward to more sharing of this journey together and many more meals to come!" - KC