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Nourish: A Spring Dinner Party

  • Private home Pleasant HIll, CA 94523 (map)

Will You Join Us?

There is so much information out there regarding what we should and shouldn’t eat. It can be daunting and overwhelming to feel empowered about making choices that support us. 

Most of us have been made aware of the perils of eating certain foods – specifically gluten, dairy, and grains. But do you fully understand why and more importantly, what that means to your body? For many of use, these foods may lead to inflammation. For some, it shows up in an obvious way such as joint pain or aches. And for others, it presents as digestive, weight, skin or autoimmune issues. Either way, inflammation is one of the most common causes of most of our modern-day ailments. 

The Mediterranean-style approach to diet has been long studied for its many health benefits, specifically for its anti-inflammatory properties. We’ll share a meal inspired by this vast region that emphasizes a variety of greens, beneficial fats, and an abundance of antioxidants – all aimed at reducing or reversing inflammation. This is not a magic bullet diet but rather an opportunity to learn how to incorporate more beneficial foods into your meal planning.

As a dietitian and holistic nutritionist, I make it my mission to make nutrition education meaningful to you – and your needs. We’ll discuss the realities of incorporating this style of eating as it relates to your needs. Not only will you walk away with a better understanding of how certain foods can aid or ail you, I will also provide you with recipes and tips to use in your home. 

Of course, information and recipes are helpful, but the key to success in the kitchen is in the prep and planning. Allison will be sharing her strategies on how to make the most out of meal planning as she incorporates her specific dietary needs into those of her whole family and her busy life. She will share her real-life tips to make realistic meal and snack prep choices – real strategies that help you avoid eating unhealthy foods out of desperation. Allison will also share valuable insights on her time-saving skills in the kitchen even if you hate cooking (like her!) as well as her clean eating strategies when eating out or at gatherings, and suggestions on what to try if the rest of your family isn’t interested in joining your clean-eating journey!

We are real women, with real families just like you. You CAN eat healthily and have a life and family! Join us for this fun evening of food, laughter, and learning!

Space is limited to six, ladies! So, get in here and claim your spot for this special evening. 

The investment for this fabulous evening is $75. Simply click HERE to enroll! 

Registration closes April 30th. All sales final - no refunds. This event will be held at a private residence - details will be emailed to you upon confirmation of purchase. 

About Elsa: When I decided to pursue a (second) career in nutrition, after recovering from a mystery illness, I was driven by a desire to bring more nourishment and awareness into people’s lives. For me, that nourishment begins with truly wholesome food. I love the ritual of planning, curating and preparing meals that offer comfort and healing to you and your family. 

While my nutrition education provides me with a wealth of information about how our bodies use food for healing, my intention is to use that knowledge to make something you can actually see, taste and smell. My food philosophy is pretty simple; eat whole foods, eat seasonally, locally and mostly organic and avoid processed foods as much as possible. When approached with awareness and mindfulness, the food we eat can act like medicine that allows our body to be nourished, heal, and shine.

About Allison: I am a mom of two, wife, elementary school teacher and I also manage an autoimmune condition on a daily basis. Five years ago, I began managing the autoimmune condition by eating only non-processed, whole foods and cutting out anything that caused inflammation. In doing so, I was able to stop taking harsh medicines and keep almost all of my symptoms in remission with healthy, non-inflaming food. It worked so well, that it was worth a major lifestyle change to stick with it and 5 years later I continue to eat this way. No matter what your reason is for wanting to eat healthily, I have tips and tricks for you to integrate any clean-eating diet, no matter its name or focus, into your busy life and have it be sustainable.