Hello, lovely!

I’m Elsa, a registered dietitian nutritionist, wellness coach, foodie, aspiring yogini, lifestyle (and former interior) designer, Mama, wife and lover of #all things beautiful and good for you.

Like you, I've struggled with body image issues, weight issues and feeling completely disconnected from my body. Today, I’m passionate about helping women nourish their body, mind and soul – which means I like to play in many sandboxes. I am also a bit unconventional in my practice…If you are ready for something a bit different you are in the right place.





My Story

Nutrition and wellness are a second “calling” for me. In my late thirties, I had a significant wake-up call after a mystery illness stopped me in my tracks, causing me to re-evaluate everything about my life. After five days in the hospital and no answers or treatment plan, western doctors sent me home 'to rest'. Not one to simply give up, I discovered the healing power of whole foods and immersed myself in learning all that I could. After 20+ years in corporate architecture and interior design, I decided it was time for a real shift in my life. In 2010, I decided to pursue nutrition and wellness as a career (more on that in my blog). What began as a passion project for self-healing has transformed into a lifelong journey and vocation.

I received my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition through Bastyr University, in Kenmore, WA, which I chose for its balanced focus of rigorous science, whole food nutrition and alternative wellness modalities. From the beginning, I was seeking a program that combined the science of nutrition with the art of healing the individual. Upon completion of my BSN, I relocated back to the Bay Area and completed my dietetic internship and clinical rotations through Alta Bates and Summit Medical Centers in Oakland. For the first few years as a new RDN, I worked in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.

I want to be really honest with you right now.

I absolutely value every moment of my learning experiences and am grateful for the people I met and the clinical experience I gained in those first few years. That said, what I quickly realized is that I was not being true to myself in the clinical environment. Clinical work is important but only one part of the equation of healing. My desire is to connect with you more deeply for sustained healing using the power of whole foods, mindfulness, and pleasure to reconnect you to body and spirit.

So often, when people learn that I am a dietitian, they reply with: “Oh, so you are the expert that can tell me what to eat!”. Well, yes and no.


I am your guide to reconnect you to YOUR inner wisdom. And yes, I bring a wealth of knowledge to help make sense of it all.


"Elsa helped me focus on the reality of my eating and behaviors - what was really going on not just what I thought was going on. I also found that when I was nourishing my soul (via nature, friends, etc.) the need to fill that hole with food faded." - GL