What Truly Nourishes You?

Is it a delicious meal prepared with love?

An invigorating walk in nature?

A soothing soak in the tub at the end of a long day?


Nourishment comes in many forms - food absolutely being one them. I am passionate about nourishment not only from food (which is why I changed careers in 2010 to became a dietitian nutritionist) but from ALL aspects of our everyday lives. Whether that is from food, creating or admiring art, enjoying movement, dance, expressing your full wild SELF…This is what I mean by soul nourishment and sacred wellness. Yet many women have forgotten how to nourish themselves…to fully feed their inner flame.

I am a lover of things beautiful and good for you with a real desire to help women, like you, reconnect to your inner wisdom. This wisdom is what guides you in choosing what your soul is asking for - through food, movement/expression, and pleasure. With devotion to our soul’s nourishment, we can begin to heal our bodies and our spirits and live a radiant life! 

  • If you have tried the latest diet but you feel unsatisfied, or the number on the scale is weighing you down, you likely don't feel truly nourished from food.

  • If you have tried to commit to exercise plans but find yourself ‘too busy’ to keep at it, you likely don’t feel truly nourished from movement or expression.

  • You're searching but feeling overwhelmed by all the information on what food, self-help or wellness trend are best for (fill in the blank)...and feeling frustrated instead of inspired. You don't have to do this alone.

Together we can untangle the messy, confusing and sometimes overwhelming roadblocks to your health and vitality

My approach is personalized to YOU and your journey - this is not a one size fits all approach. And honestly, this journey is about much more than your diet or your dress size. I imagine if you resonate with what I’ve shared here, you understand this at a soul level. It’s about reconnecting you to your inner wisdom and your joy through meals that nourish, movement or creative expression that brings joy and activities (or rest) that replenish you.

If you are ready to live in your full radiance, feel embodied and joyful, I would love to hear from you!



I am a former Interior Designer, registered dietitian nutritionist by profession and your intuitive guide to radical self-love and transformation.

I weave together my love of all things beautiful and good for you to guide you back to your own radiance and joy!

Bringing together the science of nutrition, the essentials of creating beauty, mindfulness awareness, and the wisdom of the divine feminine to guide you back to your essence Self.

"...Not only did you bring a heartfelt smile each and every time I saw you, but were truly sincere in helping me make choices for my health and wellness, reminding me that my journey is my ‘personal practice.’ Through your nutritional guidance, during my cleanse, to nurturing my daughter through her current situation, I’m forever grateful and blessed to have met you." - VR